MS Topfoam for cleaning animal housing

Dirt is the breeding ground for microorganisms (including pathogens) and puts pressure on your business results. That is why it is essential to thoroughly clean housing before decontamination. And thorough cleaning is not possible without a soaking agent.

In the picture displayed below you can discover the effect cleaning your housing has on the pathogen pressure in a stable. We strongly believe the procedure displayed below to keep your pathogen pressure as low as possible.


For an optimal result you follow the steps below:

Suitable for common materials and contaminants in animal housing
Soaking time of 30-60 minutes and do not let it dry. Optionally wet after.
Dosage 1-2 %, depending on the nature of the contamination
Can be used, without dilution in the correct dosage, with professional foam systems, such as MS Greenline

Step-by-step plan for hygienic cleaning:

  1. Thorough preparation. Remove all materials and equipment (manure, drinkers, feeders, etc.) from the housing unit.
  2. Coat all surfaces in the housing unit (and associated materials) with MS Topfoam. In cases of heavy fouling, pre-wet the surfaces.
  3. Spray the housing unit (and all associated materials) clean using a high-pressure jet and then rinse with low-pressure water.
  4. Disinfect the housing unit with MS Megades Novo, to kill all remaining microorganisms.
  5. Rinse the housing unit (and all associated materials) with clean water and allow it to dry.
  6. A low-pathogen environment. The housing unit is ready for use again.

Using MS Topfoam for:

  • Excellent adhesion to vertical surfaces
  • Effective removal of contaminants
  • Up to 30% savings of labour time, water and quantity of product used

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