MS Topfoam is a powerful and foaming soak-in product with prolonged contact time.
Suitable for applications in cattle, pig and poultry farming.


Characteristics MS Topfoam LC ALK:

  • Superior long-adherent foam, with contact times up to 60 minutes
  • Effective removal of fat, protein, fertilizer, feed, urine and even light lime deposits
  • Enormous adhesion on vertical plastic surfaces
  • Deep cleansing by humidifiers
  • Can be combined with low pressure cleaning, because of depth and contact time
  • Economical in use, from 1.0% a very homogeneous and stable foam
  • Can save up to 30% in labour, water and product usage, while maintaining a clean result
  • No deterioration of the conventional materials and stable environment ( less to not suitable for manual cleaning, lacquered surfaces and aluminium (animal transport vehicles)

Suitable for use in cattle, swine and poultry sector

Using MS Topfoam for:

  • Excellent adhesion to vertical surfaces
  • Up to 30% savings of labour time, water and quantity of product used
  • Effective removal of contaminants

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