Arjan Berghuis - Dutch Pig Farmer

We began using MS Topfoam when, during a farm expansion, we had problems with
Clostridium. With the help of MS Schippers’ hygiene specialist, we devised a plan to
tackle it. You can realise a lot of improvement through cleaning and decontaminating your
housing. Previously we had 20% of our animals doing poorly because of Clostridium,
and it was only 5% after we took action.

Heleen & Bennie Aarts - Dutch Goat farmers

We chose MS Topfoam because of the speed and simplicity of application and the
thorough cleaning produced by the foam’s soak-in action. A visibly clean milking parlour
is not good enough. Since we have been paying more attention to hygiene, the tank
cell-count has dropped by 200,000 and the cell count went down from 6 to 3.

Using MS Topfoam for:

  • Excellent adhesion to vertical surfaces
  • Up to 30% savings of labour time, water and quantity of product used
  • Effective removal of contaminants

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